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Our Institutional Edge

We specialize in creating value for communities and investors. At BCE, we prioritize a family-like relationship with our investors. Focusing on stability and returns, we provide private investors access to institutional quality real estate.

By leveraging trusted partners for day-to-day operations, we concentrate solely on maximizing your returns. Our asset management proficiency optimizes building operations, leading to higher occupancy rates and consistent cash flow. Additionally, our in-depth market research helps us pinpoint the peak value for each property, ensuring a strategic exit strategy.

The Trails at Timberline | Fort Collins
Co/Relate | Los Angeles

Family to Family: Building Wealth Together

We began 20 years ago with a simple mission: To share our real estate knowledge and offer a robust investment opportunity to those closest to us – our family and friends.

Two decades later, we can only be thankful for how far we have come. Yet this focus on family instilled a deep and lasting commitment to our investors' well-being - a philosophy that continues to guide us today. We are rigorous in choosing opportunities, discerning in our approach, meticulous in following through, and unwavering in our dedication to delivering value to our partners, wealth managers and family offices.

Benedict Canyon Equities


Key to our success is identifying and acquiring a specific niche of multifamily assets that provide opportunities to reposition, add value, and deliver increased cash flow.
BCE’s senior leadership has been investing in multifamily for decades and our key executives provide both the skillset and the relationships to deliver exceptional deal flow. Our select team comes from a variety of backgrounds with unique work experience providing diverse points of view across all disciplines of the business including acquisitions, transactions, accounting, portfolio management, and investor relations. For more information see below.
Superior multifamily market knowledge in California and the Western U.S. with expertise in identifying and creating value from otherwise hidden opportunities.
We have an unmatched skillset in unlocking value in multifamily developments, whether via repositioning, rehabilitation, asset management, or creative recapitalization.
We have longstanding relationships with both institutional and private equity investors across the US and are a pre-approved borrower with Fannie Mae / Freddie Mac / HUD, and key portfolio lenders.
Strategic diversification across markets, product type, and asset class provides investment security from fluctuating markets.
Our leadership team has more than 100 years combined multifamily real estate experience and has completed more than $15 billion in multifamily acquisitions, delivering consistent returns for our investors.
BCE currently invests and manages more than 13,700 multifamily residences in California and other Western U.S. markets.
BCE has an unmatched pipeline of qualified opportunities through our outstanding relationships with the top multifamily brokers in our target markets as well as our extensive network of property owners.
Our primary focus is on a specific investment niche that lies between large institutional investment targets and those of smaller independent investors.
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Investor Portal
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